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Safety Tip of the Week: Things Expectant Moms Need To Know – Part Two

By H&H Admin

Expectant mothers have to content with a lot, such as swollen feet, mood swings, nausea and the constant need to pee!  Sadly, not many can afford to sit at home for the duration of their pregnancy and may need to occasionally drive themselves.  

Here are a further 3 things that expectant moms need to keep in mind when driving.

Let Others Know Your Plans

It’s always a good idea to let others know where you are going, what time they can expect to arrive and which route you plan to take.  When you are expectant, however, this form of ‘accountability’ becomes even more critical as so much can go wrong such as an accident, breakdown, or even heavy traffic. 

Letting your significant other and family in on your plans helps alleviate worries and gives you a sense of confidence.  Also, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Pack The Right Snacks

it’s a good idea to keep yourself hydrated when embarking on a lengthy drive.  Natural foods such as nuts, fruits, veggies and water keep you going and do not interfere with your sugar levels.  They also prevent fatigue and dizziness ensuring your ultimate safety and comfort.

Consider Being a Passenger

Whenever possible, opt for the rear seat and enjoy letting someone else chauffeur you around.  This will help you relax as it takes the stress away from focusing on traffic. 

If you have a seven-seater car, consider sitting in the third-row of seats and letting your feet rest on the folded-down second-row seats.  You could also grab a pillow and take a guilt-free nap too!

The Final Word

Driving when expectant is, for the most part, safe, you wear your seatbelt correctly.  If you can comfortably and safely sit at the wheel without concerns about sickness and distractions you should be fine. 

It is always a good idea however, to clear any doubts you may have with your healthcare provider.

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