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Safety Tip of the Week: Things Expectant Moms Need To Know – Part One

By H&H Admin

Expectant mothers have a lot to contend with, ranging from swollen feet, mood swings, nausea and the constant need to pee!  Sadly, not many can afford to sit back for the duration of their pregnancy and may need to occasionally drive themselves.  

Here are 4 things that expectant moms need to adjust to when driving: 

Position Yourself Further Back

It is important to create space between yourself and the steering wheel & airbag whenever you drive.  A distance of about 20cm to 25cm should allow you to continue to reach the controls safety but should you feel overextended, make the necessary adjustments.  At this distance, the airbag would still be effective should it deploy, however, the point is to minimise the full force of its impact on your delicate cargo. 

Image Credit: The Bump

Tilt The Steering Wheel

Instead of leaving the steering wheel pointed at your abdomen, tilt it safely up towards your breastbone on account for your change in seating position.  Tilting the wheel automatically changes the angle at which the airbag will deploy in the event of an accident.   

Remove Extra Layers

Wearing a lot of bulky, restrictive clothing is likely to make you uncomfortable when driving.  Rather, stick to one layer of clothing which won’t restrict your movement. 

Image Credit: Baby Centre

Gauge How You Feel – Emotionally and Physically

Given all the emotional and physical changes women go through at various stages of their pregnancy, it is a good idea to check in with your body and mind before getting into the driver’s seat.  Your emotions and state of mind are vital to your ability to drive safely so be honest within yourself.   If you feel that you shouldn’t be at the wheel but still need to get about, get someone else to drive you instead. 

The Final Word

Driving when expectant is, for the most part, safe, you wear your seatbelt correctly.  If you can comfortably and safely sit at the wheel without concerns about sickness and distractions you should be fine. 

It is always a good idea however, to clear any doubts you may have with your healthcare provider.

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