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How To Defog Your Windows When It’s Cold

By Vuyi Mpofu

Fogged up windows are both dangerous and frustrating and although it may seem like the quickest way to deal with fogged windows is to simply wipe them with your hand – that is not a safe solution.

What causes your windows to fog up?

Understand that warm air holds more water vapor than cold air, and the warm air inside your car absorbs moisture from your breath and other damp items within your car.  When it’s cold, the outside air cools the glass on your car (windows, windscreens, mirrors, etc), making it possible for the moist air inside the car to condense and fog up the glass.

While it might seem like the quickest way to deal with fogged up glass is to simply wipe it off with a cloth, your hand or a piece of tissue, but that is not the solution.  The safe option is to adjust the environment that is causing the fog so that more condensation doesn’t form.

How to Defog Your Windows When It’s Cold

In cold temperatures, the answer to defogging your windows – and keeping them clear – is warm, dry air.  Simply turn on your car’s heater and air-conditioner to warm up and dry the inside air.  Don’t forget to adjust the vents towards the glass so that the warm air is directed at it.  Once the glass is clear you can turn off or lower the temperature of the heater and air-con.


Another say to reduce fog from forming on your windows is to simply keep them clean and clear, particularly the inside of the glass.  When dirt and fog combine, your visibility is drastically reduced. Regularly use window cleaner to help prevent fog from forming to begin with.

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