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Ubuntu Adventure 2021, celebrating our heritage with Mitsubishi Motors South Africa

“I am who I am because we are”

The Ubuntu Adventure began as a road trip down memory lane. Conceptualized by founder, Vuyi Mpofu, as a way to reminisce about her childhood in the village, she set off on the first Ubuntu Adventure in 2018. True to the spirit of Ubuntu, the trip focused on the societal values which embody the meaning of the word: compassion, respect and solidarity.

Leaving behind her heels, nail tips, make-up kit and a vast array of wigs, Vuyi ventured towards the coast in the peak of the festive holiday period. It was a spontaneous adventure and she began her trek without booking accommodation, let alone knowing exactly where she would sleep.  The idea was to knock on doors in whichever community she found herself in at dusk and ask for a place to sleep; similar to how hers and countless other African families had done in the good old days when strangers were treated with hospitality, simply based on trust and humanity.

The loosely structured inaugural Ubuntu Adventure resulted in Vuyi arriving in the village of Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape at nightfall and being accommodated by the chieftain of the village.

To pay her way, Vuyi embarked on various household chores in return for her stay.  These included fetching water from the river, repairing a mud hut and fetching firewood; tasks innumerable Africans have and continue to do across the country.

Although well-received on social media and by its then corporate partners, Ubuntu Adventure did not take place again until now in 2021.

What is the event about?

Ubuntu Adventure aims to promote and celebrate South Africa’s diverse cultures, traditions and beliefs. We want to ignite a new appreciation for our beautiful country and all its people. Unlike its founding event of 2018, due to current COVID-19 restrictions, Ubuntu Adventure 2021 could not translate into an engagement at grassroots level.  Rather, it aimed to explore the scenic treasures within Kwa-Zulu Natal and focused on historical land sites which have shaped who we are as a nation.

Participants of Ubuntu Adventure 2021 were 6 motoring and lifestyle media professionals who collectively have an audience of over 10 million readers, viewers and listeners.  Driving vehicles from Mitsubishi Motors – the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and Mitsubishi Xpander, both mid-size family-orientated vehicles, the journalists set off to explore the northern part of the province while testing how the Mitsubishi vehicles would fare over the 1 200km round trip.

The media, all family-orientated individuals, were on the lookout for aspects relating to space, fuel efficiency, comfort, safety and ease of driving along the journey.

Led by Vuyi Mpofu, the Adventure began in the culturally diverse Maboneng District in Gauteng, for an informal photo op, get-together and lunch.  Briefed and ready to roll, the real adventure began the following day.

Look out for highlights from Day 1 on our social media platforms.

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