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The Vrr-Phaa That Stops The Pha Pha Pha!

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes the world’s first bullet proof Golf, proudly armoured in South Africa.

Armormax has just taken the wraps off its latest project – a VW Golf 8 GTI – armoured to a B4 ballistic level.  This is the first armoured Golf 8 GTI both in South Africa and globally. While it may seem misplaced to have a bullet-proof hatchback offering, the demand for such a vehicle is quite high.

Using the lightest synthetic armour available globally, the armouring conversion adds less than 180 kg to the vehicle ensuring that economy and performance remain largely unaffected.

The armouring package on the Golf 8 GTI includes replacement of all standard glass with Optima ballistic glass, which, from the outside looks no different from that found on a standard vehicle.

All doors, panels, pillars, rear seats and hatch are armoured with lightweight synthetic armour. The same ballistic protection is included in the roof and sunroof, the latter remaining operational just as the front windows are.

A PTT intercom system finishes off the package giving you the safest performance hatchback on the road today.

‘The B4 Golf was a daring project back in 2018 but was met with immense interest and several orders were taken. There was never a question that we would develop the world’s first armouring package for the new model. Its most popular application remains in the private security sector as a chase, rapid response and principal extraction vehicle’ says Michael Broom, Marketing Manager for Armormax.

Pricing – R1 800 000

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