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Safety Tip of the Week: How to cool your car down quickly

By H&H Admin

The South African sun can be harsh, making it difficult to drive safely. 

There are a few ways you can reduce the heat levels within your car either by using sun shades or window tinting.

Here are a couple of ways you can cool your car down quickly so that you and your passengers can enjoy a comfortable drive as soon as possible.

  1. If you drive a car that enables you to open your windows remotely, do so as you approach your vehicle.
  2. If not, simply open all the windows all the way down as soon as you get in it.
  3. Turn the air conditioner on to the coldest setting and crank it all the way up.
  4. Make sure you set the air con to fresh so that air from outside comes into the vehicle.  Avoid recycling the air which is already inside the car.
  5. Adjust the airflow so that blows through the footwells and not directly towards your face
  6. Drive like this for a few minutes until all the hot air has been pushed out of the car.
  7. Only put your windows up when the air inside is cooler than the air outside.
  8. Change the air-con setting to recycle so that the cool air circulates within the car.
  9. Adjust the aircon temperature to your desired setting
  10. Enjoy a cool drive!

Remember that the interior of a car can reach dangerously high temperatures very quickly which is why it is never a good idea to leave small children, the elder, or pets unattended in a car.

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