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Safety Tip of the Week: Accidents In Your Driveway

Accidents in the driveway are more common than you might think; but when you consider how easily and quickly they can happen, you’ll understand how dangerous they can be.

Picture this: You are leaving home and have kissed your little one goodbye. You head off to your car, settle in, start the ignition, pop the transmission into reverse and slowly start to back out when you hear a thud. Perplexed, you get out to check and are greeted by the horrifying sight of your little one’s body, lying halfway under your car.

Image credit: Lundy Law

These types of accidents can happen to anyone especially because toddlers are by nature incredibly fast and can dart from the house to behind your car surprisingly quickly

Those driving distracted, under the influence, or whose vehicles are not fitted with rear park sensors or reverse cameras are easily vulnerable to these types of accidents. Of course, similar mishaps can take place along the roads within residential complexes, shopping mall parking areas, and even fuel service stations. The key is to be alert and to drive slowly whenever you are in the vicinity of small children.

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