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How To Wear A Seatbelt When Expectant

by H&H Admin

A common worry during pregnancy is how to buckle up.  In this article, we talk about how to wear a seatbelt without fear of there being too much pressure on your stomach and your baby.

Studies have found that it’s safer for both mum and baby if you do wear a seatbelt and is much more dangerous not to wear one at all.   Whilst wearing a seat belt during pregnancy may not feel comfortable, it does improve safety for both mother and baby. 

Let’s look at the placement of a seatbelt because contrary to popular belief, there is a correct way to wear a seat belt when pregnant. 

  • Place the lap belt part of the restraint under your abdomen and across your upper thighs so it’s snug and comfortable – The lap belt should never ever be placed on or above your belly.
  • Wearing a lap belt alone will do more harm than good. Research done by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents found that rapid deceleration in a crash caused injuries to the unborn baby when a pregnant woman was only wearing a lap belt. 
  • Adjust your sitting position so the belt crosses your shoulder without cutting into your neck. 
  • The shoulder belt should cross over your collar bone and lie between your breasts. 
  • Never put the shoulder belt behind your back or under your arm. 
  • When traveling in cars fitted with airbags, the front seat (whether it be the driving seat or the passenger seat) should be pushed back as far as practical.
  • The belt should be worn as tight as possible.  In this way, the forces applied in a sudden impact can be absorbed by the body’s frame.

Your journey to parenthood is an exciting time that requires thoughtful preparation, particularly on the road.  As the baby grows, moms-to-be need to continuously make adjustments to their driving style in order to ensure optimal safety at all times.

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