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Reader Review: Ivana da Costa spills the tea on her Ford Fiesta Ecoboost

We enjoy hearing from our readers and in particular the cars they drive. In our latest Reader Review series, Ivana Da Costa shared her driving experiences with us

– vuyi Mpofu, EDITOR

Reader: Ivana da Costa

Occupation: HR Assistant

Drives a: 2017 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost

Car’s nickname: Moses

1. H&H: Who taught you how to drive and what was your first car?

IdC: One of my best friend’s, Johnny dos Santos, and later, my Momma taught me how to drive. I was 16 years old and Johnny and I used to play in a band together. One evening, at the end of a home-based gig, I discovered that Johnny had had a little too much to drink and simply couldn’t drive us back home, 15kms. I had no option but to get beind the wheel and drive us home. Did I mention that this would be my first driving lesson? Well, there you have it, my first driving lessons was under the intructions of my inuberated bestie. To say I was terrified would be an understatement but I was exhilerated at the same time. Subsequent lessons were more normal following that incident and Johnny never over indulged again when we were out.

My first car was a feisty Hyundai Getz 1.6. It stands out in my mind because it had the letters SJM in its registration plate which happened to be the initials of someone I have just broken up with prior to getting the Hyundai. Each time I walked up to my car those 3 little letters would jump out at me, sending straight in the depth of my battered feelings. I felt as if the universe was mocking me. Needless to say, my relationship with the Getz didn’t last long either.

2. H&H: Mention your top stand out memory of your early driving days

IdC: I have many interesting memories but the one which immediately comes to mine is that of getting lost – while using a navigation system mind you! Always up for an adventure I made the most of it and ended up learning new routes and new destination. Nowadays, I create memories each time I take a late night drive to find the best viewing point from which I can look at the city lights. My banging playlist and the open road keep me company.

My car would probably tell you I’ve got a lead foot and a short fuse!

3. H&H:  What influenced you to buy the Ford Fiesta Ecoboost?

IdC: To be honest, I own Moses because someone skipped a stop sign and drove into my gorgeous charcoal grey VW Golf TDI – writing it off. At the time, it was a matter of needing to get to work and going with the most viable option available. Its been 3 years and I find myself still nostalgic about the growl of my Golf (named Dexter by the way). Much as I love Moses, he is an easy 5/10 in comparison to Dexter. 

4. H&H: What stood out for you most when buying Moses?

IdC: As far as dealership experience, when purchasing the Ford, the sales man seemed to be in a hurry. He also exaggerated about the Fiesta’s performance. As per the stereotype, he didn’t seem to have time for me at all so needless to say , it wasn’t the best experience. If I had had more time, I would have shopped around and even if I had still ended up buying a Ford, it would most certainly have been from someone who both knew what they were talking about and who also had time foto explain things to me properly.

5. H&H: If Moses could talk, what would he tell us about your driving style?

IdC: Oh now I’m about to expose myself. Moses would probably tell you I have a lead foot and a short fuse. He would also probably report that his most overused feature are his speakers because I do enjoy my rather fantastic playlists on our travels. Lastly, Moses would probably ask you tell me to stop driving me like a first responder rushing to the scene of an accident!

6. H&H: What do you like most about Moses?

IdC: The turbo kicks quite nicely changing from 2nd gear to 3rd, definitely makes me smile. I’d say Moses is pretty cute and has a face his mother and more can love. 

7. H&H: What don’t you like about your car?

IdC: I don’t like the petrol consumption, but then again, I come from driving Dexter, powered by a very fuel efficient 1.9 diesel engine.

8. H&H: What is Moses carrying in your the boot right now? 

IdC: Honestly… My family photo albums in its entirety! I’ve been meaning to return them to my mother for the last 2 weeks…. Oops.. 

9. H&H: What type of music do you listen to when driving Moses and why those particular tunes?

IdC: 98% of my playlist consists of heavy metal – it’s always a beautiful way to start the day with some lyrical genius, killer riffs and drum solos to melt your face off. The 2% is reserved for my inner rapper. 

My best friend insisted I knew how to change a tyre before I knew anything else

10. H&H: What are the cardinal rules of being a passenger in your car?

IdC: I’m blessed to have friends with similar musically tastes as myself, so unlike other people, touching my sound system is not a problem because I know that whatever my passengers play, I will like. Without fail, wearing a seat belt is a non-negotiable and that goes for back seat passengers. Anyone who doesn’t feel the need to wear a seatbelt can walk. Lastly and probably the most important rule of being a passenger in my car, don’t you dare tell me how to drive, else – you guessed it – you’ll be walking. 

Without a doubt and without fail, wear that seat belt else you’re walking. Also, don’t tell me how to drive.

11. H&H: H&H: Have you taken a defensive driving course?

IdC: I have been on 2 courses hosted by different companies, and both proved to be very informative and a good investment of my time and money.. Up-skilling your driving abilities could save your life as well as save you a pocketful in repair work should you have a nasty accident. Defensive driving teaches you to anticipate what other motorists might do thereby giving you a chance to plan ahead and prevent being involved in an accident. The best thing I learnt from the courses was how to minimize skid control which has come in handy more often than once, especially when driving in the rain. I think everyone should attend a defensive driving course and do so in their own cars. I mean, what’s the point in learning defensive driving tactics in a car that you don’t drive daily? 

12. H&H: Can you change a flat tyre?

IdC: My best friend that assisted in teaching me how to drive insisted I knew how to change a tyre before I knew anything else. “Always make sure you can rely on yourself.” he said. 

13. H&H: How often do you wash your car / have it washed?

IdC: When I’m not too busy and when I’m not too exhausted and when there isn’t a queue at the car wash! Fortunately there is someone at the office building I work in who comes by occasionally and that’s when Moses is guaranteed to have a bath.

14. H&H: What is your number 1 pet peeve about driving?

IdC: People need to research what it means to filter into traffic. I’m one of those people that detest being stuck behind a slower driver. It isn’t Sunday everyday ok? 

14. H&H: If you were Minister of Transport for a day, what rules would you introduce?

IdC: I would definitely re-look some of the speed limits, because if we’re honest, some of them are ridiculous. I think I’d make it mandatory to have advanced driving lessons within a month of obtaining one’s license. Does this include power to fix all potholes? Because I’d do that yesterday.

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