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BMW Group Reveals the First Alloy Wheels Made From 100% Recycled Aluminium

The BMW Group is again leading the way in terms of the circular economy with the introduction of the first ever alloy wheels produced entirely from recycled aluminium.

The BMW Group is again leading the way in terms of the circular economy. The new MINI Cooper SE Convertible will be the first series model to be produced with alloy wheels that are made entirely from recycled aluminium.

The light alloy wheels of the fully electric open-top four-seater are a prime example of sustainable resource use, and they represent an important milestone on the road to circular economy for the BMW Group.

The first use of 100 percent secondary aluminium for light-alloy wheels on a series-production vehicle is in cooperation with the wheel manufacturer Ronal. The consistent use of recycled aluminium not only conserves raw material sources, but also eliminates the particularly energy-intensive electrolysis process that is normally necessary to produce light alloys.

With the use of secondary materials that have a carbon footprint of less than 0.16 kg of carbon per kilogram of aluminium, the wheel supplier has been able to reduce carbon emissions at its production facility by up to 75 percent compared to conventionally produced wheels. In concrete terms, this means carbon emissions falling from around 130 kg to around 30 kilograms.

The MINI Cooper SE Convertible is not yet available in South Africa, however the MINI Cooper SE is, at a starting price of R742,102.

The locally available MINI Cooper SE delivers 184 PS (135 kW) and has a top speed of 150km/hr.

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