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(Photo by Cornel van Heerden)

Locally-produced Nissan Navara takes off with all-time high sales

Renowned for its rugged redefined looks, robust capabilities, reliability, and versatility, the Navara is fast becoming one of the most respected models across the Nissan line-up. 

Nissan South Africa has recently announced sales figures for the all-new Navara, which launched in the SA market in July. In just four months, vehicle sales have surpassed the previous (full) year’s sales, positioning the Navara as one of the best-selling 2021 vehicles in the 1ton pickup category.

“The success of the new Navara is mainly owed to two things, its value proposition and the fact that is it produced right here at home – made with the South African consumer top of mind”, said Charl Timms, Sales & Operations Director at Nissan South Africa.”

Image: Cornel van Heerden

The new Nissan Navara offers customers good value for money, with low-running costs, competitive parts pricing, and a competitive fuel efficiency, strong aftersales services, all designed to help your business’s bottom line, while being rugged and tough enough to do the job right.

The vehicle comes with enhanced ride comfort, load-carrying capacity, and a powertrain selected specifically for the South African market.

Image: Cornel van Heerden

“Currently, Nissan has a market share of 13.4%, which positions us right up to our target,” said Charl Timms, Sales & Operations Director at Nissan South Africa.  In October, we completed the line-up with the launch of the Single Cab. Our customer base is very diverse, and this line-up is built to meet all their unique needs – whether it’s a workhorse for their business, family travels or off-road adventures,” Timms continued.

The Nissan Navara offers a reliable bakkie functionality with a premium drive and innovative safety features, which has contributed to its tremendous success.”

Photo by Cornel van Heerden

Nissan is projecting a steady growth in sales for the Navara range for the next six months, which has potential to significantly grow once the plant is in production at full capacity. 

“We are incredibly proud to have provided our South African consumers with a vehicle that that is built right here at home and will be part of the country’s legacy, but the premium quality of the vehicle also speaks for itself,” Timms concluded.

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