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Kia goes electric at first IAA Mobility

The global premiere of Kia’s all-new plug-in hybrid Sportage is the first European-specific Sportage version in the model’s 28-year history.

Kia will go electric at the first IAA Mobility show, held between 7 and 12 September in Munich. The Korean carmaker will give a global premiere to the Sportage plug-in hybrid (PHEV), based on the first European-specific version of the Sportage in the model’s 28-year history.

Kia will also showcase the talents of the company’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV), the EV6. 

The Sportage PHEV will attract people looking to make the move to electric while enjoying the practicality and presence of the new urban SUV.

The PHEV model features Kia’s 1.6-litre T-GDI engine, a 66.9 kW permanent magnet traction electric motor and a 13.8 kWh lithiumion polymer battery pack. 

Kia will also give a European public debut to the EV6, the embodiment of the new Kia brand.

The high-tech BEV has been developed to remove the perceived barriers that prevent many from making the switch to electric by providing rapid charging times, access to an extensive charging network, impressively long range, and segment-leading interior space.

The EV6 will deliver the very best experience a BEV can offer, making ownership as convenient and accessible as running a petrol or diesel vehicle, and with reduced environmental impact. 

Visitors will be treated to an EV6 VR experience and the opportunity to sit in both the all-new Sportage PHEV and the new EV6. 

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