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Jaguar South Africa prepares to celebrate World EV Day in an electrifying way

In celebration of World EV Day, Jaguar South Africa is giving away exciting prizes to motorists with a real passion for electric cars.

Jaguar South Africa is celebrating World EV Day on 9 September by giving away special one-on-one all-electric I-PACE driving experiences to ten lucky winners of an EV-themed quiz.

The quiz will run over seven consecutive days, with one question published per day, beginning on 9 September – World EV Day. To qualify, respondents will need to answer all seven questions correctly and should there be more than 10 successful entries, elimination rounds will be hosted at Jaguar Experience in Lonehill. 

The elimination rounds, arranged at the convenience of competitors throughout the month of October, will include an exciting driving competition on one of the Experience facility’s hi-tech racing simulators.

And yes, there will be consolation prizes for those who don’t make the cut.

Clearly, contestants will need to be genuinly interested in electric vehicles, the future of mobility and all-electric Formula E motorsport in order to scoop any of the prizes. 

Speaking of which, the grand prizes will include half-day driving courses for the ten winners who will each be accompanied by one partner. Together, they will experience the lightning fast acceleration of a Jaguar I-PACE, which can bolt from 0-100km/h in just 4.8 seconds and the exhilaration of numerous dynamic handling exercises on a variety of surfaces. Lunch will be included courtesy of TLC on the Track restaurant, which is the facility’s in house up-market eatery.

The competition is open to anyone in South Africa, but travel to Johannesburg to participate in the elimination rounds, or to redeem the grand prizes is not included. Drivers must be over 23 years-old and over and must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence.

Winners will have until 23 December, 2021 to redeem their prize, and the Jaguar Experience team will assist to make booking arrangements at the winners’ convenience. Full Terms and Conditions apply.

ABOUT WORLD ELECTRIC VEHICLE DAY: World EV Day is an annual event to celebrate and promote electric mobility worldwide and connects stakeholders from across the industry with consumers to showcase the benefits of electrification and to encourage debate on a more sustainable future.

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