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Get a car seat for your child – it’s the law

In July 2015 a law was introduced which requires passengers in a vehicle who are younger than three years of age to be in a child seat. Unfortunately, little has changed in the way many people transport children, with compliance among drivers apparently still very low.

People who drive with children in their car who are not buckled up, or in child restraint seats, are risking the lives of these children, and must reconsider this approach.

Global research has shown that putting a child in a car or booster seat (which is properly fastened) reduces the chance of death or serious injury in crashes significantly. Despite this, many people still do not use car seats for their children using excuses such as: “I’m only driving a short distance”, or “I’m going to be driving overnight so there’ll be less traffic on the road”.

There are many excuses people give for not strapping their children in when, in reality, there is no excuse good enough not to. Research shows that a properly fitted child seat will reduce the chance of injuries caused by a crash, and possibly even save a child’s life.

Apart from ensuring children are secured in a car seat, seatbelt wearing rates in South Africa are currently below 60%, meaning that countless lives are lost, families harmed, and communities impacted due to some motorists’ not wearing seatbelts.

What’s also important to consider is that many people sell used car seats on the internet, and there are some organisations which provide these to people who cannot afford new ones. Do some research, and you will be able to ensure that not only are you legal, but you are protecting your loved ones at the same time.

Source: AASA

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