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Ford Ranger proves that armoured protection isn’t just for Limousines

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa together with SVI Engineering are excited to announce the availability of Ford-approved armoured protection for the Ranger – a first for any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in South Africa.

The Ranger is among the best-selling vehicles in South Africa, and the introduction of armoured protection will help establish its position in an entirely new segment both for private and fleet customers.

 “While we all wish there was no need for armoured civilian vehicles anywhere in the world, being able to provide outstanding levels of safety for customers is deeply rooted in Ford’s DNA, with armoured protection being no exception. We see armoured vehicle protection as a next step into a potentially life-saving sector”. says  Neale Hill, MD of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.

The Ranger is the only armoured bakkie in South Africa that can be ordered directly from a franchise dealer. This means customers can place an order for an armoured Ranger at any one of the 134 Ford dealerships around the country.

Jaco de Kock, CEO at SVI Engineering says, “The Ranger is one of the best-selling bakkies in South Africa.  Its quality mirrors the well-proven ballistic protection and track record of SVI’s armouring solutions.”

SVI offers two levels of Ford-approved armoured protection for the Ranger, across all models, powertrains and derivatives. The armour protection has been specifically designed with the overall dynamics, quality, in-car technology and Built Ford Tough DNA in mind.

An integral part of SVI’s armoured technology is the high-quality glass which consists of special layers of glass and polycarbonate material to withstand compression and tension forces. It is this strong combination that forms the ballistic barrier by dissipating the energy of a bullet on impact while avoiding distortion.

The Ranger is the only armoured bakkie in South Africa that can be ordered directly from a franchise dealer.

B4 Armoured Specification

B4 offers customers bullet-resistant protection against handguns up to a .44 Magnum. This is a typical anti-hijack solution that also offers protection against brick-throwing and other hand-held projectiles. The protection consists of 18-21mm armoured glass in combination with Kevlar sheets for the body. It is extremely discreet and, at only 280kg on the Ranger Double Cab, also lightweight with minimal impact on vehicle acceleration, fuel consumption and dynamic performance. The build time of a B4 armoured Ranger is around eight weeks.

B6 Armoured Specification

B6 is the highest level of civilian protection allowed without a special permit and has been designed for the valuables-in-transit industry as well as high-profile individuals needing the ultimate level of protection. This has been designed to protect against the ammunition fired by the R1 assault rifle and the AK47. This comprehensive protection comprises 38mm armoured glass and special armoured steel plates. Due to the additional 650kg of armour, the Ranger’s suspension is upgraded accordingly. 

With the B6 armour protection option, customers can choose between a discreet appearance, or the cost-effective non-discreet option, called Stopgun V2.0. The discreet option features upgrades not easily identifiable on the vehicle, versus the more obvious protection on the non-discreet Stopgun option. The discreet option takes 12 weeks to build, while the Stopgun security option can be installed in only two weeks.

By responding to customer feedback, the B4 option is available only in the discreet appearance form, which caters mainly for those individuals who want a level of armoured protection without compromising the interior and exterior aesthetics of their vehicle.

All new Ford Rangers come standard with Ford Protect, comprising a four-year/120 000km comprehensive warranty, three-year/unlimited distance roadside assistance and five-year/unlimited km corrosion warranty. A six-year/90 000km service plan is included which covers six services. The recommended service interval is 15 000km or annually, whichever occurs first.

In addition, customers receive a one year/50 000km warranty on the armouring components from SVI Engineering.

ModelB6 Stop gun V2.0 non-discreetB4 discreetB6 discreet
Ford Ranger Single CabR234 413R338 386R527 990
Ford Ranger Super CabR271 163R454 371R688 225
Ford Ranger Double CabR335 202R454 371R688 225

Pricing excludes VAT and purchase price of vehicle 

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