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Car Tip of the Week: Summer heat isn’t necessarily child friendly

As we head into summer, its important to remember the dangers of leaving toddlers, the elderly and pets inside a hot car.

It takes very little time for the interior of a car to heat up; and what many adults don’t seem to know is that a child’s body also heats up much faster than that of an adult. In fact, a child’s internal organs begin to shut down once their core temperature reaches or surpasses 40°C.

On a day when the outside temperature reaches 30°C, it would take approximately 10 minutes for the interior of a car to heat up to 40.5°C.

Photo by Tony Mucci 

It may sound incomprehensible that one might forget their child in a car in a hot parking lot but with the ever increasing stresses of “life during COVID_19”, coupled with our ever changing work schedules; leaving a child in a hot car is indeed plausible.

Things to help prevent the unthinkable:
  1. Always check the back seat and make sure all children are out of the car before locking it and walking away.
  2. If someone else is driving your child, always check to make sure he has arrived safely.
  3. Keep your car locked when it is parked to prevent a curious child from entering when no one is around. Many hot car deaths have occurred when a child mistakenly locks himself inside. 
  4. Make sure children do not have easy access to your car keys. 
  5. Teach children that cars are not safe places to play. 
  6. Keep rear fold-down seats closed to prevent a child from crawling into the trunk from inside the car.
  7. Remind children that cars, especially car trunks, should not be used for games like hide-and-seek.

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