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Car Tip of the Week: Dangers of Fitting Illegal Tyres

While second-hand passenger car tyres can seem like a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing brand new tyres, these are unregulated and expose road users to a major hazard.  

There is a dangerous and illegal practice called ‘re-grooving’ where unscrupulous operators buy worn, used tyres and carve out the rubber of the tyre to make the tread depth appear deeper than it actually is.  

The cost of buying second-hand or part-worn tyres runs deeper than the cost of a new tyre. The potential loss of vehicle control, injury or loss of life are just a few of the devastating consequences of using unsafe tyres.

No matter how desperate you feel you are, NEVER compromise on your safety, that of your family and other road users. Rather save up and purchase tyres from reputable outlets.

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