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8 Daily Driving Habits to Keep You Safe on the Road

Weather you are a seasoned driver or are newly licensed, it is imperative to cultivate good driving habits. 

As any motorists will tell you developing bad driving habits is all too easy, but by consciously making a daily effort to drive with care and consideration, it is possible to significantly improve your on-road safety. Here are a few basics to keep in mind next time you turn on the ignition: 

  1. Maintain a safe constant speed and avoid weaving in and out of lanes.
  2. Use the 2-3 second rule to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Increase this to 4-6 seconds when towing a trailer and or when driving;
    • in bad weather conditions, 
    • at night
    • on gravel
  3. Reduce your speed to suit the road, traffic and weather conditions you are driving in.  
  4. Always have an escape route – space to manouver your vehicle should your immediate path of travel be unexpectedly blocked.  
  5. Be aware of the position and proximity of other vehicles within your surroundings. 
  6. Keep to the speed limit at all times, as driving too fast could compromise your ability to stop the car safely. 
  7. Always drive defensively. 
  8. Obey all the road rules including:
    • stopping at red traffic lights,
    • slowing down when approaching an amber traffic light,
    • giving way to pedestrians, joggers and cyclists
    • yielding correctly at all intersections (traffic circles and 4-say stops)
    • coming to a complete stop at STOP signs

Remember that driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol could lead to accidents, injury or in extreme instances, fatalities. 

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