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7 Essential Items Every Motorist Should Keep In Their Car

By H&H Admin

Given the amount of time we spend in our cars we could be forgiven for treating them as if they were our second homes; so much so that there are items which we simply must keep in our cars which come in handy in emergency situations. 

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a break down, you will need reflective triangles to alert other road users. Similarly, wearing a high-visibility jacket will ensure that you’re seen by other road users — this is especially vital if you’re walking to find help.

It’s a good idea to keep a spare tyre and the tools you need to use it such as a jack, wheel spanner and nut lock — otherwise, you won’t be able to change it!

A flat battery is another common reason for breakdowns. If you have a set of jumper cables, you will be able to get a jump start your car, (with the help of another driver) and be on your way in no time.

Good Samaritans aren’t very common and if you want to avoid waiting around for help, pack a portable phone charger so that you can call for help as soon as you get into trouble. you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Another essential item to keep within easy reach is a rechargeable or solar powered torch.  If you can get a water resistant torch you will really have scored well as such an item will come in handy no matter the weather nor time of day (or night as the case might be). 

Duct tape is something most people associate with the kid’s school project but you would be amazed how handy it is as a temporary fix for car related problems.  Duct tape can hold cables together, keep a globe in place or act as a seal for a leaking pipe.  Think of duct tape as the swiss army knife of the tape world and is a must-have in all toolboxes.

Keeping a fire extinguisher comes in handy in several instances ranging from (obviously) putting out a fire in your car as well as assisting others.  It may not be common practice in South Africa but it is so important that it is a legal requirement in other countries.

While on the subject of fires, a pair of heat-resistant gloves is a good idea to keep in your car too as they will help you handle hot surfaces (particularly in the engine) while keeping your hands protected. 

Other absolute must-have items include: 

Wet wipes, sanitizer, an extra face mask, 2 red reflective triangles, a reflective vest/jacket, a well-stocked first aid box, and an umbrella.

These items are small and light and will not take up too much space in your luggage area but will definitely come in handy. 

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