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10-Tips To Keep You Safe When Driving in the Rain

When it rains, most motorists seem to forget how to drive. Others slow down completely while others seem to power on as if trying to out drive the rain!  Vuyi Mpofu shares 10-basic tips aimed at keeping you safe on the road when it rains.

Driving in the rain requires motorists to drive with an extra sense of caution. Factors such as tyre tread, slippery road surfaces, speed, malfunctioning brakes and human error all contribute towards setting the scene for a pile-ups, fender benders, head-on collisions and roll-overs to mention a few.

Here are 10 easy habits to keep in mind when next the heavens open up and water the earth:

  1. Treat non-functioning traffic lights as four-way stops. 
  2. Be calm and respectful. Wait your turn. Better to arrive late than not arrive at all.
  3. Be extra vigilant for pedestrians, motorcyclists and bikers.
  4. Switch on your headlights. 
  5. Pedestrians should avoid walking close to the road, particularly at night.
  6. Focus on the road. Do NOT drive distracted. 
  7. Ensure your windscreen and wipers are in good condition.
  8. Drive slower than the speed limit suggests because wet roads are slippery.  
  9. Avoid driving through pools of water as these might be hiding potholes 
  10. Avoid driving across low lying bridges and driving through streams of water or flooded areas. 
  11. Maintain a safe following distance.
  12. Do not drive in the emergency lanes – keep these open for emergency vehicles.

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