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When do I need to consider wheel alignment?

Alignment should be checked every 10,000 km or 6 months, whichever occurs first unless you know that you have hit a pothole, or some other object, in which case it should be done immediately as a precaution.

Other facts drivers should know about wheel alignments:

  • A proper wheel alignment should best start and end with a test drive.
  • The front end and steering linkage should be checked for wear before performing an alignment.
  • The tyres should all be in good shape with even wear patterns. 
  • If you have a tyre with excessive camber wear, for instance, and you correct the alignment problem that caused that wear, the tyre will now be making only partial contact with the road
  • Pulling problems are not always related to wheel alignment.  
  • Problems with tyres (especially unequal air pressure), brakes and power steering can also be responsible.

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