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WATCH: The Power of Z-ness in all its metallic glory

Bold, powerful, exhilarating and accessible.

For more than 50 years, the Z has made it possible for anyone to make their dream of owning an incredible sports car come true.

The Z has a rich history and possesses many iconic elements. Take the headlamps for example. On the original 240Z (S30), when the headlamps illuminate through the outer lens, they created a unique exterior reflection. The designers employed this shape and infused it with modern technology to create the new Z’s headlamp signature that’s both modern and familiar.

The styling of the rear combination lamps is another example. Although many have likened it to the Z32’s, in fact the original Fairlady Z and other past Zs had a similar design. Like the headlamps, the creatives designed the rear lights with the Nissan Z heritage in mind but used a new approach that resulted in this powerful, iconic motif.

The new Z Proto is expected in production-spec later in 2021.

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