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WATCH: How to Safely Overtake Trucks

Some drivers seem to adopt a ‘Tata ma chance” attitude when it comes to general road safety, including overtaking trucks which usually does not end well for those who miscalculate their ability to do so safely.

With the ever-increasing number of trucks on our roads, there is a growing need for motorists to remember the basics of driving safely around these long-wheelers. 

Done incorrectly, overtaking a long truck can be dangerous because, at times, the rear trailer can obstruct a driver’s view of the road ahead. Also, even when fully loaded and weighing anything from 10 to 60 tons, long trucks tend to swerve from side to side within their lane or cross over into another lane; making overtaking unnerving and dangerous. 

This video – courtesy of Arrive Alive – offers a safe demonstration that may help remind us how we can all safely share the road with trucks.

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