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Vacay time? Prevent your battery from taking a permanent vacay

As the holiday season approaches, many families are making plans for their well-deserved breaks. Some of these arrangements include accommodation, flights, and the hiring of cars. This is in addition to making sure things are taken care of at home.

Even though you’ve taken precautions to ensure the house is secured with alarm systems and placing your refrigerator on holiday mode, don’t forget the car battery.

By leaving the car parked for long periods, the battery is slowly drained by its electronic systems, clocks, and alarm. While it may not consume as much battery capacity when the car is in use, it could drain the battery upon returning. Follow this advice from South Africa’s trusted battery specialists, Battery Centre.

Unforeseen consequences
A flat battery is not just frustrating, it could also result in a costly battery replacement or worse, the need to replace the alternator. Jumpstarting your car can result in,

  • Weakening the battery
  • Decreasing the lifespan of the battery due to there being not enough charge capacity to start the car
  • Potentially damaging the alternator as it will need to work twice as hard to power the battery.

To prevent the costs of extensive repairs, the battery specialists have some tips for you.

  1. Disconnect your battery terminals before leaving – this prevents your battery from losing charge. Remember, you just need to disconnect the negative terminal.
  2. Make use of a trickle charger – which gives your battery a consistent minimal charge.
  3. Have a family member or friend start the car every few days – or better yet, ask them to drive it for a short distance to give the battery additional charge.
  4. Visit your local Battery Centre for advice from the specialists on preserving the battery in your pride and joy.

So, there you have it. Before hitting the beach and taking selfies at famous landmarks, be sure to take precautions for your car battery.

Source: Battery Centre

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