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Toyota Announces Global Launch Of The All-New GR86

The long-awaited Toyota GR86 is now available for sale in Japan but we’ll have to wait till 2022 to find out when it will be available in South Africa. 

Press Release: Toyota South Africa Motors

The GR86 was jointly developed with Subaru Corporation (Subaru). In addition to building New Energy Vehicles, the two companies also share a desire to continue delivering the excitement, thrill, and joy of driving sports cars.

The GR86 shares the same base as the Subaru BRZ. However, Toyota focused on delivering the unique driving feel of a GR vehicle, with intuitive handling and instinctive responsiveness, linear response as well as outstanding agility at the upper limits of performance. 

While carrying on the tradition of the 86 and engaging in friendly rivalry with Subaru’s BRZ development team, TGR sought to develop a vehicle that would realize a GR-like evolution. As a result, the new GR86 has been reborn as a car designed with outstanding driving feel that is both direct and satisfying.


The front of the vehicle features the GR-specific Functional MATRIX Grille, which fuses performance and aesthetics. To mark its evolution from the 86 to the GR86, the GR86 logo has also been redesigned.


Equipped with a BOXER Meter, comprising a 7-inch colour screen and LCD metres, the car’s opening animation sequence is inspired by the piston movements of the GR86’s horizontally opposed engine, and fosters a sense of excitement even before the drive begins.

The metre display embodies the GR86’s sports performance, changing according to which driving mode is engaged. NORMAL mode shows the current speed in large numbers inside a circular tachometre; in Sports mode (available on AT grades only), the edges and rings of the tachometre gauge turn red; TRACK mode takes inspiration from racing car displays, and shows engine speed in large numbers.

The GR86 seats deliver a sensation of being at one with the vehicle. The lightweight front seats use independent pads used to support the body, and, in order to withstand the lateral and longitudinal g-forces generated during aggressive sports driving, they are covered in an extremely grippy material.

The new GR86 provides outstanding agility

Sporting a lightweight, compact engine with a low center-of-gravity in line with previous iterations, the GR86 increases its displacement size from 2.0 to 2.4L. The engine delivers superior driving performance as a consequence, achieving 0-100km/h acceleration in just 6.3 seconds―down from the 7.4 seconds of the previous model. Engine responsiveness has also been enhanced, providing smooth, stress-free sensations from low to high rpms.

A sports car that provides a secure and safe car life

The GR86 is equipped with EyeSight5 Driver Assist Technology (AT grades only). Featuring pre-collision braking technologies that help avoid collisions and mitigate damage, the system provides support for safe everyday driving.

GR PARTS maximize the appeal of the GR86

TGR has prepared a selection of custom GR PARTS to maximize the appeal of the GR86. From everyday driving to sports driving, a wide-ranging parts line-up enables all customers to personalize their GR86.Toyota South Africa Motors says local timing for launch as well as sales will be confirmed in 2022.  

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