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Tips To Help You Avoid Being Hijacked

Car hijackings are a common occurrence in South Africa and on the ride daily.  Many motorists have fallen victim to this heinous crime or know of someone who has.  

Although hijackers can be extremely determined, there are few basic anti-hijacking safety tips you could implement in your everyday driving routine which may help you avoid becoming a car hijacking victim:

  1. If you use a mapping service, you can share your route with your family members so they can track your journey. You should look at changing your routine and alternating routes so your schedule isn’t predictable by anyone who may be watching you and targeting your vehicle.
  2. Be conscious when pulling out of your driveway or coming home at night, most hijackings occur close to home. Around 80% of hijackings happen in driveways. The hijackers have likely been watching your daily habits and choose a day when you are distracted to strike. 
  3. Always look in your rear-view mirror, if you suspect you are being followed, slow down at least two to three houses before you arrive at your house or intended destination. Try and force the vehicle behind you to pass or keep driving past your house and stop at a police station or flag down your local security company for help.
  4. If you have an electric gate, always open your gate before you pull into your driveway. This will allow for a quick escape if necessary.
  5. If you do not have an electric gate and your child is in the car, take the car key with you as you open the gate. The car key can be used as a valuable negotiating tool, the criminals will want your car and you want your child.
  6. Don’t fall for the “tap tap” trap where the driver of another vehicle gently drives into the back of your car in traffic. Never get out of your car to look at the damage. Rather drive to a busy location or a police station. Signal the other driver to follow you. If it’s not a real accident they will seldom follow you to the busy location or the police station. 
  7. Another tactic that is often used by hijackers is forcing a gun into your open window while you are smoking. It is always a good idea to keep your windows closed when approaching a known hijacking hotspot.

Remember to test your tracking device and assist button frequently.

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