Tried & Test: 5 Things I Like About My GS Trophy Helmet

By Bongiwe Didiza

Wearing a helmet is one of the safest things motorcyclists can do;  and they really don’t come much better than the GS Carbon helmet range. 

I’ve spent the better part of 2021 riding off-road largely due to my participating in the GS Trophy 2022 qualifiers.  During that time my head gear of choice has been my GS Trophy inspired helmet, from the GS Carbon helmet edition.  Sleek and athletically designed, the GS Trophy helmet, looks ready for action both on tarmac as well as on gravel.  Here are 5 things I like about the GS Trophy helmet.

Lightweight, Comfy & Safe

Apart from its design, the first thing I noticed about the GS Trophy helmet was that it is quite lightweight, thanks to its 100% carbon-fibre reinforced plastic shell.  It weighs 1,450grams (with shield and dual visor) and is extremely comfy.  

I didn’t put its ability to absorb impact to the test as that would mean I would have taken a nasty fall. Rather, I believed BMW Motorrad when they offered that the GS Trophy helmet’s inner layer is made of multi-segmented expanded polystyrene which makes the helmet’s ability to absorb impact quite outstanding.  

Removeable Head And Cheek Pads

The GS Trophy helmet, (as with all the helmets in the GS Carbon collection), has removeable and washable head & cheek pads.  These are easy to detach and reinstall making cleaning the shell a breeze.  Plus, we live in an age where cleanliness is the key to good health so the removeable inner pads are quite reassuring.  

Three Dimensionally Curved Visor 

There are two visors fitted to the GS Trophy helmet.  The inner visor has anti-fog material which many riders will appreciate, while the outer visor has anti-scratch coating on both sides.  Best of all, the visor is very wide and helps immensely with peripheral vision.  Unlike with my other adventure helmets, I found that I didn’t have to turn my head very much to see what has happening around me.  

Removeable Chin Vent Flap

The GS Trophy helmet has an integrated dust filter and removeable chin vent flap both of which were handy in off-road and hot-weather riding.  I also found that the flap worked as a highly effective ventilation system.   Due to low-speeds used when riding off-road I often unfastened the flap so I could feel the welcome breeze on my parched face. Once on the tarmac, and because travelling speeds are much higher, I kept the flap in place to reduce the amount of wind from getting in and around my neck.

Removeable Peak

I’ve saved the best feature for last and you are probably surprised that the peak of the GS Trophy helmet gets special mention.  The thing is, after years of riding I have had more than my fair share of damaged peaks. Some simply couldn’t be screwed back on well enough to be as effective while others were damaged riding on treacherously rocky and slippery gravel.  As a result, I own more than one helmet and have learnt to use those without a peak for on-road riding and not to tamper with the peak on my adventure helmets.  Fortunately, the removeable peak means it can be replaced without incurring the cost of replacing the entire helmet. 

I later learned that the GS Trophy helmet is put through its paces in a wind tunnel to test how well it holds up in various riding scenarios such as wind and rain.  Having worn it over long distance rides, I can attest that my GS Trophy helmet has been aerodynamically designed to increase rider safety.  Even the integrated neck straps are scrutinised!  

Without a doubt the GS carbon helmet edition offers maximum rider safety and I absolutely enjoy it.  With all that riders have to contend with on the roads wearing the correct gear means one less thing to worry about.