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Importance of keeping in touch with your insurer

It is good practice to keep regular contact with your insurer on any changes in personal information that may affect your insurance claim or issues with unpaid premiums. 

Things like parking your car in a different location or job changes are important to communicate to ensure that you are covered in any eventuality.

Similarly, insurers also need to be alerted to expired learner’s, drivers or vehicle licences. 

Under normal conditions, your vehicle will still be covered, but you would have to provide proof that an updated license was issued once you claim. As a result of the lockdown, some insurance companies have given a grace period for any license renewals as municipal offices become operational again. This applies to learner’s licences, driving licences, motor vehicle licence disks, temporary permits and roadworthy certificates.

Check with your insurer to ensure you are on the right side of any claims you might have in future.

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