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The FANTASTIC FATHERS’ FORUMS  aim to educate, inform and empower male drivers and motorcyclists on the nuances of motoring/biking and vehicle ownership. The Forums focus on similar topics as in the Gals Garage Workshops – finance, safety, vehicle maintenance and driver/rider training.

A key topic within the FANTASTIC FATHERS’ FORUMS is the safe travel of expectant women, babies and toddlers.

Using various manufacturers’ vehicles, the FANTASTIC FATHERS’ FORUMS  showcase different vehicular features, technologies and services and how those fit the everyday lifestyle of the guests at the Forums.

The FANTASTIC FATHERS’ FORUMS are extremely popular as they provide a bonding platform for groups of men who attend either as family members or friends.


The first ever FANTASTIC FATHERS’ FORUM was held in association with Subaru South Africa at Bass Lake Adventures. 20 men attended the forum and spent the day experiencing various Subaru vehicles on the challenging courses within the facility. Thereafter the Forums continued with Isuzu South Africa in association with celebrity Chef Benny Masekwameng and with Bona Magazine as our media partner.

Due to COVID-19 regulations the FANTASTIC FATHERS’ FORUMS are currently on hold until further notice but will resume as soon as government regulations permit.

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