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Charmagne Mavudzi Takes Key Role at Volvo Car SA

Multiple award-winning marketer Charmagne Mavudzi has been appointed as Volvo Car South Africa’s new Director of Customer Experience. Mavudzi moves into the role after joining the company as Head of Marketing and Communications in 2018. Her appointment is part of a global reshuffle within the Swedish auto giant. 

Known for building strong brands that leverage innovation, Mavudzi is a leader in Africa’s digital marketing landscape. An alumni of the Gordon Business Institute, she began her career as a successful tech entrepreneur before moving to prominent roles at Child Trace Initiative and their tech driver TR8 technologies. Thereafter stints at Handel Marketing and Accenture followed, before she joined Ogilvy & Mather as Head of Marketing and Communications, playing a key role in their own global reshuffling process of 2017. 

In her new role at Volvo, Mavudzi takes the reins of the new and centralised customer focused portfolio, allowing her direct influence over every user experience touchpoint, as customers move through the company’s various departments from first acquisition to return buying. 

“People centricity is at the core of the Volvo brand,” says Mavudzi. “For us this means a shift toward a 360 degree commitment to our customers. It’s satisfaction at every point of interaction that fosters retention and loyalty, and turns our customers into brand ambassadors too.” 

Concurrently, she takes a chief position in the company’s recently established Transformation Through Change management portfolio, as the company embarks on a global restructuring toward a more customer-centric approach. 

“Our goal is to create a global company that is more adaptable to our customers on an individual basis,” she says. “ It’s a data-driven, customer focused process with decentralisation and entrepreneurship at its core.”

Recognised as a Woman Of Excellence in 2019, Mavudzi stands out as an inspirational role-model to those coming after her, and is excited to take on her new dual challenge at Volvo. 

Volvo plans to complete its restructuring process by 2020’s end.

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