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Car Tip of the Week: Driving Safely At Night

It’s important not to be deceived into thinking that it’s safer to drive at night because there’s less traffic. As mentioned above, driving responsibly and looking after your eyes are key. So many drivers suffer from nyctalopia – night blindness – that it’s important to stay on the safe side.

Here are a couple of final things to keep in mind, just to round it off.

  1. The hours of dawn and dusk are among the most difficult times to drive. In the twilight, our eyes are continually adapting to the change of light.
  2. Only drive when well-rested. Make a point of stopping for at least 15 minutes every two hours to give your body a break. Do some jumping jacks to wake your body up.
  3. If you feel your eyes growing heavy, your body growing stiff, your reactions slowing or if you find yourself constantly yawning or drifting all over the road, it’s time to pull over for a little bit. Get a cup of coffee and stretch your legs.
  4. Go for an eye check-up at least every three years to keep your vision healthy.

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