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BMW Group South Africa Appoints Deena Govender As New Head Of Product Communications

A BMW veteran who has been with the group for 20 years, Deena Govender has vast experience in various divisions across the company and the auto manufacturing sector as a whole.

BMW Group South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa has appointed Deena Govender as the new Head of Product Communications. Mr. Govender will take responsibility for overall steering, as operational lead, the Corporate Communications and Government Affairs for BMW Group South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa, until further notice.

Mr Govender joined the company in 2001, after completing his Master’s Degree in Engineering, and has filled various positions in Engineering Development, Production, Sales & Marketing, Customer Relations and Retail Network Development at BMW Group Germany and South Africa. The unique insights and experiences he has been exposed to in these positions will prove valuable in his new role.

I am honoured to take on the new role and am looking forward to engaging with all our stakeholders. I

Having worked on BMW’s hybrid-electric vehicles engineering development projects and having served as the BMW i Market Manager in South Africa during the launch of BMW i,  electro- and future mobility is one of his key areas of expertise and interest. Deena plans to use his wealth of expertise to drive success for BMW Group South Africa and the rest of the country.

He expressed his excitement at the appointment, “I am honoured to take on the new role and am looking forward to engaging with all our stakeholders. I have had the privilege of working in a number of positions across the business, and have been able to learn from each. These lessons, combined with great relationships within the BMW Group, will enable me to fulfil my duties in the years ahead. Likewise, I will rely on my colleagues’ market knowledge and expertise to make the most of the opportunities along the way.” 

Aligned to the BMW Group’s global approach and CEO Peter van Binsbergen’s vision, navigating the pandemic and ensuring business continuity will remain top of mind for the South African team. This calls for new levels of flexibility and collaboration, striving to deliver a world-class experience to all stakeholders. 

Under the leadership and guidance of Mr van Binsbergen, Mr Govender’s appointment will bolster BMW Group South Africa as they further extend their segment leadership and continue to positively impact communities through CSI programmes under the umbrella of “We Build More Than Just Cars”. 

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