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Are punctures in the sidewall repairable?

In a word, no. A puncture that falls outside the minor repair area is not eligible for repair because of its proximity to the sidewall.

The sidewall is off limits for a straightforward reason. When the tyre is in daily operation, this section undergoes a significant amount of stress. Any attempts at making repairs in this area will potentially weaken the structural integrity of the tyre.

Another factor is that the sidewall experiences the most flex in the tyre. It’s unlikely that a repair patch applied here will stay in place for very long, and the tyre will fail once more.

Bear in mind that you should avoid driving on a flat tyre at all if you hope to salvage it. The reason for this is that continued use of a failed tyre results in further damage to the tyre due to loss of pressure in the tyre.  The shape of a tyre is maintained by the pressure within it, but as a flat tyre is void of any pressure, the sidewall of the tyre automatically collapses and gets pinched within the wheel rim; making it too damaged for repair and safe reuse. The better course of action is to have the vehicle towed or to swap the punctured tyre for the spare tyre until you reach the nearest tyre repair outlet or fuel station where it can be replaced or repaired.

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