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Listen: Traffic Rules Motorists Habitually Ignore

By H&H Admin

Tune into #SAfmLivingRedesigned on SAfm, every Tuesday between 13:40 and 13:50 for an update on all things motoring.

There are numerous reasons why traffic laws exist but many motorists seem to habitually and deliberately ignore the rules of the road.

Vuyi Mpofu joins Sechaba Gqeba on her lifestyle show, #SAfmLivingRedesigned, and together, they discuss the traffic rules motorists often break.

Tune into #SAfmLivingRedesigned this Tuesday from 13:40 till 13:50 for the weekly motoring feature
You can listen to the 10 minute broadcast here:


Vuyi’s motoring feature airs on Tuesdays between 13:40 and 13:50 on SAfm, a national radio station that draws its audience from the LSMs 7-10 target market. It’s core listeners fall within the 36-49 year old age bracket.

Click below for voice notes sent by SAfm listeners as they share the traffic rules motorists habitually break and why these annoy them the most.
Solomon laments about motorists who use their cellphones while driving
Unknown listener shares his frustrations about drivers who skip the amber traffic light
Unknown caller complains about drivers who don’t use their indicators (blinkers)
Colin from Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal, recommends defensive driver training for motorists
A caller from Kwa Zulu Natal seconds a previous caller’s thoughts on the non-use of indicators
A truck driver says motorists must not expect truckers to give way to them by driving in the yellow lane
James from George says the 80km/hr speed limit for trucks is exasperating for other road users

And a text from an unknown listener on the issue of overloaded taxis.

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