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7-Basic Maintenance Tips Your Tyres Will Absolutely Love

Many drivers don’t seem to realize that tyres are the only point of contact cars have with the road, at any given time.  Vuyi Mpofu shares 7-basic tips all motorists should get into the habit of practicing.

Some motorists don’t appreciate how dangerous it is to drive on worn or damaged tyres.  Granted, tyre are expensive to replace, but what all road-users should be aware of is that in the event of an accident, your insurance claim could be repudiated if accident investigators discover that the tyres were in poor condition and as a result, were the cause of the collision. 

Here are some basic tyre maintenance tips all motorists should get into the habit of following:

Some tips on tyre maintenance:
  1. Check all tyres (including the spare) whenever you refuel your tank. 
  2. When parking your car, turn the front tyres so that they are at a slight angle.  This will make it easier for you to check the tread of your tyres. 
  3. Check the tyre pressure indicator in your owner’s manual or in your car, and inflate your tyres according to the load they will carry. Don’t over, or underinflate, your tyres,
  4. Attend to tyre related problems immediately regardless of how insignificant they might appear to be.  Bear in mind that tyres can be quite expensive to replace and as the saying goes – prevention is better than cure.
  5. Replace your tyres as soon as is necessary but NEVER buy your tyres at the side of the road. Buy tyres only from credible tyre outlets.
  6. Ensure that your tyres are Only buy tyres from reputable tyre dealers, not from the side of the road. Remember, a good deal now may cost you more later on,
  7. Ensure your tyres are correctly aligned and balanced, particularly before and after a long-distance trip.


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