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Show Your Teen Some Love By Enrolling Them For A Defensive Driver Training Course

By H&H Admin

Obtaining a driver’s license signifies freedom for many teens.  It is an exciting time for them but a scary one for parents.

Teens are fast learners and usually retain more of what they learn and practice much quicker than adults; which is why enrolling them in a defensive driver training course will help them learn techniques that they can use for years to come. 

Why every parent should enrol their teens for defensive driver training instruction

Driving is a skill that requires dedicated training and focus and in order to survive on a daily basis, teens and new drivers need to upskill themselves behind the wheel.  Although some parents take their teens to driving schools for professional guidance, the most consistent influence is parents themselves.  

In spite of what teens are taught at driving schools, their training may be negated by parents who advise teens to drive as they do; and given that not all parents are equipped with defensive driving practices themselves, teens may very well pick up bad habits simply by driving with their parents.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is driving in a way that enables motorists to utilize safe driving technics to identify and address hazards in a predictable manner.  Defensive driver training teaches motorists to improve their driving skills by anticipating potential threats and making safe, well-informed decisions, based on road and environmental conditions.

What is included in a defensive driver training course?

Elements of defensive driver training courses conducted by reputable training companies generally include:

  • Crash prevention techniques
  • The correct driver seating position
  • Vehicle safety features
  • Car control on different types of road surfaces
  • Safe swerving around hazards (i.e., without rolling over or losing control)
  • Recovery from skids
  • Entering and exiting corners
  • Braking dynamics
  • Brake and distance recognition
  • The dynamics of a car crash 
  • The dynamics of secondary/internal collisions 
  • Psychological factors of driving 

Benefits of defensive driver training

Defensive driver training offers many long and short term benefits such as:

  • Being taught by experienced and qualified instructors 
  • Reducing the risk of accidents
  • Reducing fines and points
  • Increased confidence when driving
  • Obtaining driving skills that go beyond the basics

The goal of good driving is to reduce being involved in an accident and to that end, defensive driving training is something all motorists should consider doing, regardless of driving experience.  

Just imagine how safe our roads would be if every motorist completed a defensive driver training course and implemented the safety techniques they learned.  While you can’t control what happens around you, you most certainly can equip yourself to overcome risky situations you may encounter when driving. 

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